Golden Realm

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Golden Realm

Golden Realm.jpg
Child Biomes:
Unique Mysterious Valley
Cave: Golden Realm Cave
Mine: Plateau Iron Mine
Ruin: Pyramid Ruin
Moss Ruin
Temperature:  ???
Weather: Sunny Day
Flora: Golden Maple
Resources: Marble

The Golden Realm biome is a biome in Pixark.

It is identifiable by its autumnal colour scheme and it's gold colour on the map as shown in the key. This biome is home to many hostile creatures such as the T-Rex and the Argentavis. The biome contains many temples which can be looted like in other biomes for rewards.

In addition to these hostile creatures it is also desirable to some passive tames, such as the Fairy Dragon, the Pegasus and the Procoptodon which makes it a prime area to pick up some good tames.

Notes[edit | edit source]