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Magic skill

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The Magic skill is one of the engram skill trees.

List of engrams[edit | edit source]

Note: the following tables are incomplete, but are set up to automatically update as more pages are filled in.

Required level: 30
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Magic Mole's Saddle.png Magic Mole's Saddle 10
Magic Sleepy Arrow.png Magic Sleepy Arrow 8
Magic Workbench.png Magic Workbench 12
Ice Spear.png Ice Spear 0
Elemental Magic Shield.png Elemental Magic Shield 12
Ice Arrow.png Ice Arrow 0
Required level: 35
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Alchemy Stove.png Alchemy Stove 12
Light Magic Stone Essence.png Light Magic Stone Essence 0
Apprentice Wand.png Apprentice Wand 10
Thunder Magic Stone Essence.png Thunder Magic Stone Essence 0
Water Magic Stone Essence.png Water Magic Stone Essence 0
Dark Magic Stone Essence.png Dark Magic Stone Essence 0
Fire Magic Stone Essence.png Fire Magic Stone Essence 0
Wind Magic Stone Essence.png Wind Magic Stone Essence 0
Earth Magic Stone Essence.png Earth Magic Stone Essence 0
Required level: 39
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Power Potion.png Power Potion
Vigor Potion.png Vigor Potion 10
Crucible.png Crucible 12
Healing Potion.png Healing Potion 10
Required level: 40
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Elemental Pants.png Elemental Pants 18
Centaur Saddle.png Centaur Saddle 16
Fairy Dragon Saddle.png Fairy Dragon Saddle 12
Elemental Coat.png Elemental Coat 18
Required level: 42
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Elemental Helmet.png Elemental Helmet 15
Elemental Boots.png Elemental Boots 15
Elemental Gloves.png Elemental Gloves 15
Required level: 50
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Fungus Beast Saddle.png Fungus Beast Saddle 20
Required level: 60
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Felhunter Saddle.png Felhunter Saddle 24
Gryphon Saddle.png Gryphon Saddle 24
Master Wand.png Master Wand 32
Required level: 70
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Megarock Dragon Saddle.png Megarock Dragon Saddle 36
Magician Coat.png Magician Coat 36
Magician Pants.png Magician Pants 36
Required level: 72
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Magician Boots.png Magician Boots 32
Magician Gloves.png Magician Gloves 32
Magician Helmet.png Magician Helmet 32
Required level: 80
Icon Engram EP to unlock
Ghost Dragon Saddle.png Ghost Dragon Saddle 40
Elemental Golem Saddle.png Elemental Golem Saddle 40