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Server Maps

In PixARK survival mode maps are randomly generated by a seed value; although mods may change this.

Survival Maps support 60+ players[1] and are finite but are said to host enough resources and space to keep survivors busy exploring for a long time. Some resource such as plants will respawn, but block-based resources won't respawn.[2]

Map Seeds

To use a custom seed with a dedicated server, you add -seed=# to your start up (as of 1.6, there is currently no known way to force a map seed on world generation in Single Player). Note that future updates could possibly change the seed generation algorithm, causing existing seeds to generate a different world when used again.

To find the world generated map seed, you can open the world.ini file located under:

  • Server: "InstallationFolder"\ShooterGame\Saved\CubeServers\CubeWorld_Light\CubeWorld\world.ini
  • Single player: "InstallationFolder"\Steam\steamapps\common\PixARK\ShooterGame\Saved\CubeSingles\CubeWorld_Light\<GUID>\world.ini

Single player install folder is usually: "C:\Program Files (x86)\"

List of Seeds

Please update this table to share good map seed you've discovered.

To reveal the entire map, use cheat OpenFogofWar

Seed Value Description Preview Game Version
0 DO NOT USE!!! You'll get the never-ending loading screen and if you manage to get in you get an empty world. All
30289,30292 Well-balanced map but small Ice and Doomlands. Seed 30289-30292.png 1.37
22884 All Biomes. Very small forest biome. More than 10 pyramid dungeons scattered in dessert and golden realm. More than 5 ice castles. More than 3 Death lord platform. Seed 22884.jpg 1.9
28932,29471 Public map with all biomes Seed 28932.jpg 1.7
23445 Seed with all biomes but small bamboo forest Seed 23445.png 1.7
22354 Mostly all grass type biomes, No bamboo forest. Some desert and doom land. Seed 22354.png 1.7
32399 Mixture of all Biomes Seed 32399.png 1.7
32006 Almost All Biomes. Lots of Magic Forest. Not for novices. Seed 32006.png 1.7
12603 All Biomes Seed 12603.png 1.7
28270 All Biomes. Not for novices. Seed 28270.png 1.7
20110721 All Biomes. Massive Grassland & Swamp continents. Big desert and all the hard biomes isolated. Perfect if you want to settle quiet and explore. Seed 20110721.jpg 1.7
85921 A seed with all the biomes Seed 85921.png 1.6
19771105 Seed 19771105.png 1.6

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