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Patch notes

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Pixark currently does not have any sort of announcement of upcoming patch notes, aside from occasional Tweets. The most recent patch notes can be found on Steam or listed below.

Latest update: 1.23[edit | edit source]

Released - July 17th, 2018

8/2/18 - 2 AM Pacific Time

Greetings Explorers! Terrain Editing is now added to Creator mode. Press F9 to access the Terrain Editing Screen, which includes the following features:

Basic Setting[edit | edit source]

  • Camera movement speed adjustment
  • Camera rotation speed adjustment

Paint Setting[edit | edit source]

  • Cube type selection
  • Paint brush shape
    • Circle
    • Square
  • Paint Size
  • Paint speed

Vertical Plane[edit | edit source]

  • Elevate
  • Lower
  • Flatten
  • Convex
  • Concave
  • Smoothen
  • Quick smoothen
  • Replace surface cube type
  • Fill

Arbitrary Plane[edit | edit source]

  • Elevate
  • Lower
  • Flatten
  • Horizontally smoothen
  • Vertically smoothen
  • Replace surface cube type

Revert setting[edit | edit source]

  • Enable revert preview
  • Revertible cube counts
  • Reverted cube counts
  • Revert

Foliage Painting[edit | edit source]

  • Enable foliage creation
  • Foliage weight configuration
    • None: non-foilage weight
    • Grass: grass creation weight
    • Shrub: shrub creation weight
    • Tree: tree creation weight