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The Spinel Ore is an item in Pixark.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Spinel Block

Spinel Ore requires an Iron Pickaxe or better to mine. Mining will give you 2x Sharp Crystal.

It can be found in Plateau Iron Mines underneath Water Magic Stones and Silver Pits underneath Fire Magic Stones. Medium deposits can be found below roughly 100 elevation in Doom Lands center, where most of the surface is Volcanic Rock, and rare, small deposits below 30 elevation in all biomes.

In the Skyward DLC it can be found in large deposits on the exterior of Blackrock Mountain biomes, and decent amounts in the bottom layer of secondary ore veins of all Mines above Crystal Island on the map legend. Occasional, small veins spawn in all biomes above Twilight Woods on the map legend.

Position inside Plateau Iron Mines

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